Doncaster Ramblers

Local walks

The Heron Way Walk

Several years ago the Group developed the Heron Way, a series of eight walks making up a 30 mile linear walk linking the Park and Ride facilities at Rossington to the south of Doncaster and Highfields to the north.

The walk passes through pleasant countryside to the west of Doncaster, linking nature reserves, country parks, lovely villages and many of the best viewpoints within the borough of Doncaster. From Rossington the route passes through Wadworth, Old Edlington, Hooton Roberts, Conisbrough, High Melton, Hickleton, Hooton Pagnell and finally Highfields.

You can see the detailed routes, with additional information on points of interest, in the booklet listed in the Walk booklets/leaflets section.

Nine Circular Walks.

Following the successful launch of the Heron Way, which Caroline Flint, MP for the area of the start attended, the Group set about devising a series of nine shorter, circular walks from each of the joining points of the Heron Way. So, there's a 7 mile walk in the Rossington area, a 5.5 mile walk in the Wadworth area, a 5 mile walk in the Old Edlington area, and so on around to 6 mile walk in the Highfields area.

The set of nine walks is available from the Tourist Information Office in Doncaster for £2, or you can download from the Walk booklets/leaflets section.

Thursday, December 13, 2018