Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee meeting 11/17

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of Committee meeting held on 20th November 2017 at The Three Horse Shoes


Committee Members Present; Tony Marsh, Bob Carlisle, Marion Thompson, Peter Gravestock , Jim Elvidge, Peter Rowsell and Martin Wyman.

Also attended; Cynthia Elvidge.


  1. Apologies

Apologies received from David Gadd, David Horne, Owen Evans, Dave Binnington, Dennis Neal and Tony Liversidge.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting 18th September.

Minutes confirmed as accurate BC/TM.

  1. Matters arising from those minutes.

TM asked how the walk with the CEO went. BC replied that Jez Kenyon had sent an email round saying that Vanessa enjoyed it, but nothing specific.

TM asked if PR had managed to involve Rosie Winterton yet. Not so far, maybe BC could involve her in the Festival?

  1. Walking Festival.

BC said it was going well. The Steering committee had met twice. There were now 22½ days (including one day walks) in the programme.

BC had met with Dean Wiffen and 2 others. DMBC have a 4 year strategy called Get Doncaster Moving, and funding is available. They are keen to assist, and the next meeting will discuss posters and leaflets.They can provide assistance with graphics.

BC has asked Potteric Carr if they will host us and they have agreed. They will give a talk and we will do a walk, followed by a look round. DW has said he will sort out charging. Thorne Moors and Doncaster Rovers are also possibilities. The Thursday Interchange group will provide a walk on 31st May.

BC would like a full day on Saturday May 26th and is trying to arrange.

Eventbrite is in hand for booking walks, and we will be required to take a register of walkers on the day as with GDW.

PG suggested using the February Area newsletter for including publicity material. BC added that DMBC will distribute material widely.

  1. 2017 AGM

-Minutes agreed PR/PG

- Matters arising - none

- Review of AGM and thoughts for 2018. TM said that Hilda Levine was not keen to do it again, refer to DN for action.

  1. Financial Report.

DH not present, financial figures provided with the Agenda.

  1. Publicity Officer

We are getting a regular mention in the DFP, every other week. PR uses the walk descriptions from a Tuesday and embellishes it. PR is also trying features, for example one on maintenance.

We often get a mention in Today papers, and PR is trying the Thorne Times, and Arrow Press and Gazette publications

TM said he could not access our DFP articles online, PR will check. MW asked if we could provide a route that others could follow, PR replied that is not possible for a walk he attends, it could only be done on a recce. Maps are also an issue.

We have been interviewed on Sine FM, TM said his maintenance team had listened in at Sykehouse. PR said he had sent TM’s report to Sine, and they may mention on a programme.

  1. Walks Programme Update.

DG has circulated a report concerning a young autistic man who would be joining our walks on a trial basis.

BC said that DB already has 8 walks in for the next Programme. They will be doing the long walks on the third Tuesday again, followed by shorter walks on the Thursday, and would like an organiser for the shorter walks. TM volunteered, but BC will try and recruit someone from the Tuesday walks.

  1. Rights of Way Report

MW reported that the Rights of Way committee held its first meeting since he became Footpath Secretary, welcoming new member Peter Rowsell. We developed a plan to address the remaining paths not walked which has already born fruit. Ramblers have now walked 472 of the 589 paths in our area but TM will cover the detail as he has managed the process.

Network Rail has submitted a request under section 119A of the Highways Act 1980 to divert Pennys crossing on Rossington 10. Julie Guest has informed MW that this is the first request she has received from Network Rail under this legislation. It is MW’s understanding that this section and 118A which refers to closures were inserted into the Highways Act by the Transport and Works Act 1992. You may have read in Walk Magazine and in the papers about Network Rail trying to close multiple crossings in East Anglia using the Transport and Works Act, which MW believes refers to this legislation. MW mentioned these details because Pennys is the most southerly crossing in the DMBC area and we have many more to the north crossed by Rights of Way, so we expect to be busy.

A meeting has been arranged with David Shorrocks of Network Rail on November 28th to be attended by David Ward, described by Julie as a ‘Rambler who lives locally’, and MW on site. David has an ambitious plan to use this diversion as an opportunity to extend the rights of way network using Network Rail land and negotiations with the developers of Rossington Golf course. MW will, of course, update the Committee with any significant developments..

We appear to be on course to complete all our paths, probably by mid December if not earlier, so another excellent effort by everyone involved. Last minute problems have meant asking for additional help with some of our squares and several of our members have put in extra time to cover certain paths.

Dave Binnington and Bob Carlisle have agreed to check 60 NW - Armthorpe & Barnby Dun

Peter Miller will check 51NE - Fenwick & Norton

Tony Marsh has checked 49 NE - Denaby & Conisborough

Dianne Scolari has checked 59NE - Wadworth, and 69SE - Bawtry, in addition to her own square.

Finally a reminder that reports should be sent to the following:- Julie Guest - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view   - with copies to:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There have been just two sessions since the last committee meeting in September.

On October 18th, 7 volunteers were involved doing different tasks in 3 locations around Moss and Thorpe in Balne.

- Stile repairs, new posts and clearance work on Thorpe in Balne FP 3

- Stile repairs and clearance work on Moss FP 1 & 3

On November 15th, 9 volunteers in 3 locations

- Completely new stile installed on Doncaster FP 1 at Armthorpe

- Stile repairs, new posts and extensive cutting back on Sykehouse FP 4

- Step repairs, new post and path clearance on Hatfield FP 12 & 14.                                                              

PR asked about the email concerning the illegal use by motor traffic of a bridleway in Hatfield, MW said he was

investigating. An update on the flooding on Cantley 8 was provided by PR and MW.

  1. Social Report

DN not present. The Tuesday Xmas meal has been organised by HL and is fully booked with 50 attendees. TJ and TM are organising the Saturday meal.

BC said the next coach trip is almost certainly Ripon.

  1. Meeting dates 2018

- Already in Programme: 15th January, 19th March.

- Proposed: 21st May, 16th July, 17th September, 19th November. Checked by TM and agreed.

- AGM October, to be arranged.

  1. AOB.

TM said that DG had further investigated calendars, £10 each for 200 with Vistaprint, compares unfavourably with Finaprint.

The meeting closed at 20:25.

Thursday, July 19, 2018