Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee meeting 09/17

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of committee meeting held on 18th September 2017 at The Three Horse Shoes


Committee Members Present; David Gadd, David Horne, Tony Marsh, Bob Carlisle, Dennis Neal, Peter Rowsell and Martin Wyman.

Also attended; David Nicholson and Peter Miller.


  1. Apologies

Apologies received from Kerry Forman, Owen Evans, Wendy Atkinson, Marion Thompson, Peter Gravestock, Dave Binnington, Tony Liversidge, and Jim Elvidge.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting 17th July.

Minutes confirmed as accurate DN/TM.

  1. Matters arising from those minutes.


  1. Walking Festivals.

BC said they had made a good start but come to a shuddering halt as they had been vetoed. MW said this was not true, he had merely sent an email to DG saying that the document received after the Steering Committee meeting ran to 450 words of ideas and was not suitable for inclusion on the home page as it was. DG talked to DB and they agreed to delay until the planned meeting on 20th September. There was no reason why other activity should have halted.

DG said that Dean Wiffen (DMBC) had agreed to include our walks as a block in the GDW Programme.

BC has produced a rough poster as a starter. We could consider using Eventbrite for booking walks if we felt the need to restrict numbers, or we could ask people to book by phone.

  1. CEO walk – Wednesday 25th October.

DG said the new CEO Vanessa Griffiths has stopped all discussions re Governance as was out meeting people. A walk around the Longshaw estate has been arranged with DG leading. We are allowed to nominate three people from the Group to attend, so please let him know if you are interested.

  1. Financial Report.

DH said there had been no financial transactions since July. The Unity Bank has stopped paying interest on our account but it was a small amount anyway. He was now working on the end of year figures for the AGM.

  1. Publicity Officer

PR was congratulated over his full page spread in the Free Press.

DN said his daughter had looked at the article and said it ‘was just a group of old men’ and it went on and on. PR replied that he regularly sends off material to various publications and he endeavours to make walking sound attractive. He also wanted to show that Doncaster Ramblers were committed to clearing blocked paths.

Going forward he was considering walk descriptions with maps.

DG pointed out that there were many walking clubs but Ramblers were unique in doing path maintenance. MW added that we had many members who no longer walked and he personally knew three members who only subscribed because of the footpath work.

PR mentioned the Countryfile Ramble for Children in need on 14/15th October. PR/DG will talk to people on the Tuesday walk about a walk on the 15th.

DG also mentioned that Rosie Winterton had agreed to walk with us in response to a request to all MPs around the time of the last election. DG had emailed her secretary asking what would suit Rosie, a short walk or even just a meeting for a discussion on walking matters and a photograph.

  1. Walks Programme Update.

The winter Programme is being distributed. There will be spare copies available for Committee members.

  1. Rights of Way Report

MW said we had walked 262 paths so far this year.

WA has resigned as Chair of the Rights of Way Committee and MW has taken over pending the AGM. DG described why we had set up the Rights of Way Committee – it was much more work than one person could manage – and encouraged others to become involved. MW, TM and Alan Elvidge are the current members and both MW and TM said they would appreciate cover as they were getting older.

MW reiterated the tools that were available to assist square walkers:

  • 1:10000 scale maps in black and white, large and small, with numbered rights of way.
  • DMBC website Walking map with path overlays on a Standard OS background map.
  • Rowmaps pointed to by our website with path overlays on an OS 1:50000 or 1:25000 background map.
  • DMBC website Confirmed map changes.TM reported on maintenance. Since the last committee meeting in July we have had 3 maintenance sessions.August 16th - We arranged this extra session at Sykehouse to repair stiles and add way-mark posts which had been outstanding for some time. Access was extremely difficult, involving transporting posts and bags of cement well off the beaten track. 4 volunteers involved.The next session will be on October 18th, one week later than the date shown in the Walks Programme. Stuart Horrocks from DMBC  is away on holiday and we would have been without transport.10. Lost Ways Report – DG .
  • September 13th - 6 volunteers involved with this one out at Thorpe in Balne to do clearance work, repair           3 stiles and erect new way-mark posts.
  • August 9th - 14 volunteers carried out extensive clearance work along a path  close to the Dolomite quarry at Warmsworth. A 600m stretch was cleared of saplings.Thanks to Peter Rowsell we had a good write-up, with photographs, in the Doncaster Free Press last week.
  • BC said he was surprised that the email from MW concerning Rossington Golf Course did not include a map attachment, however he would look up the online version. MW replied that he had only received paper A3 copies of recent changes and would be very grateful if BC could let him know where the online versions could be viewed.

DG emailed the Lost Ways Committee to suggest a pause given that:

  • Brexit will affect funding
  • Cycling and horse riding groups are lobbying to use footpaths
  • In Wales the possibility of the 2026 deadline being revoked is under consideration.
  1. Social Report

DN said he was happy to leave most of the work to HL. HL is taking names for Christmas walks. Initial thought for the next coach trip is Ripon.

  1. AGM 2017

Arranged for 21st October at Finningley. Pie and peas will be available but must be ordered, followed by entertainment from the Gastrik Band.

DG said that all Officers and Committee members are deemed to have resigned and are re-elected at the AGM. However, if anyone does not plan to continue could they let him know.

  1. AOB.

PR asked about motorcyclists at Wadworth. PM said all you can do is call the police. MW added that this was a known problem because Wadworth 1 was unwalkable, DMBC are in discussions with the landowner.

The meeting closed at 20:21.

Thursday, July 19, 2018