Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee Meeting 07/17

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of committee meeting held on 17th July 2017 at The Three Horse Shoes


Committee Members Present; David Gadd, David Horne, Owen Evans, Tony Marsh, Jim Elvidge, Wendy Atkinson, Marion Thompson, Peter Gravestock, Dave Binnington, Bob Carlisle, Dennis Neal, Tony Liversidge, Peter Rowsell (honorary) and Martin Wyman.

Also attended; David Nicholson and Cynthia Elvidge.


  1. Apologies

Apologies received from Kerry Forman.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting 15th May.

Minutes confirmed as accurate DB/TM.

  1. Matters arising from those minutes.

Ref 5. DG asked if the Nur Indian Restaurant should be asked to pay £100 in future rather than £80. It was agreed we must be flexible.

  1. Responses to Walks Survey.

DG had distributed a summary of responses before the meeting.

DG suggested that we put on a shorter walk once per month on a Tuesday. This received some support, however DB believed that the strenuous Tuesday walk followed by a shorter Thursday walk had worked and should be continued. PG added that if both were implemented there would only be two ‘normal’ walks per month. OE thought that figure of eight walks might be the way to go, giving an option of around 6/7 miles followed by 4/5 miles. DB said that walks for the next Programme were already in, but 5 or 6 figure of eight walks could be included in the next summer Programme.

DG added that Saturdays should be included as well. BC thought we should keep a track of the numbers so we can understand the success or otherwise of walks introduced. MT said we must publicise more.

  1. Walking Festivals.

- Festival of Winter Walks 23/12 to 7/1/2018. There is only one Tuesday walk on 2nd January and this is a birthday celebration so PG is asked not to enter it on the Ramblers site. TM said that TJ can’t fill the 23/12 and 30/12 slots. DB/BC volunteered to do a walk on 23/12.

- Should we run a Doncaster Ramblers festival? DG said these had a lot of mileage. In an associated initiative he had recently attended a DMBC meeting concerning the creation of a walking strategy; it appears that Doncaster has a high proportion of people who do very little exercise. Active travel was one subject discussed, for example, getting people to walk to work. PR though we should try to build the festival around themes such as photography, to get people interested.

- DB suggested a subcommittee be established to develop our strategy. DB/BC/DG/TL/PR volunteered.

- Walk About 26/5/2018 to 3/6. The subcommittee will include this in their considerations.

  1. Publicity Officer

PR was congratulated over his full page spread in the Free Press.

DG asked PR if the definition of the Publicity Officer Role on the Ramblers website met his requirements for objectives, PR agreed that it did.

PR has had articles in the Doncaster Gazette, the Today magazine (community newspaper in Tickill and surrounding areas) and the Free Press. It is important to have themes and topics.

WA asked if we could be informed when articles appear. PR accepted that in starting the role he had not given this sufficient attention. The News box on the website or email to the Committee could be used.

It was agreed that the Publicity Officer Role and PR’s details be added to the website and the Winter Programme.

DG added that he can now email everyone who has given Ramblers their email address (he always asks if people are happy to receive emails from Doncaster Ramblers, otherwise he will delete from the mailing list).

  1. Financial Report.

The coach for the Helmsley trip had cost £365 and taken £560 in fares plus raffle proceeds, so very successful financially. Central Office had provided a grant of £400, and TM had submitted receipts for equipment. DH had met difficulties over the Mountain Warehouse advert because the named contact had left, but he has established a new contact so it should be okay. OE offered to contact Mountain Warehouse concerning the next Programme.

  1. Walks Programme Update.

OE had distributed the dates for the Winter Programme. We agreed to stick with 400 copies. PG has spares of the Summer Programme.

  1. Rights of Way Report - WA.

Paths walked so far this year 163, a very slow start.

TM reported on maintenance:

There have been three sessions since the last committee meeting.

In May ... 7 volunteers carried out work in Sykehouse on footpaths near to the Old George public house. An old damaged stile was removed and replaced with a new kissing gate, another stile was repaired and additional repairs were done to two more gates on Wrancarr Lane.

In June ... 5 volunteers carried out repairs to 3 stiles in Barnby Dun which had been outstanding for some time.

In July .... 3 volunteers added 2 additional way-mark posts on Bawtry FP 9, 2 posts on Stainton FP 6/7( reported only recently by Owen Evans on his James Paine walk around Wadworth) and 2 further posts were completed on Tickhill FP 4. All done by just two volunteers and Stuart from DMBC.

We continue to reduce the number of outstanding problems.

WA continued that she was pleased to report that there will be an article in the next Ramblers magazine about the repair on the TPT, by “Tony and the Gang”. Following the application for a grant for tools, and the report needed following this, written by Tony, they decided to include this piece of work in the regular series about achievements.

I went to a meeting on site on Friday 14/07/20, about the possible closure of a railway crossing on Moss 15. This site was visited in 2012 by MW and WA when we agreed that, subject to conditions, there was no good reason to object. Things have moved on a lot since then and the closure may or may not happen. Map available to illustrate current confusion.

I was told that there was to be a meeting on Friday evening 14/07 about the latest date for the underpass for the bridleway at Manor Farm. It is hoped to be achieved, but there is another objection which needs to be heard.

There is another configuration of the rights of way and other paths at Rossington Golf Course. I have the latest map, I have no date for when decisions will be made. It was agreed earlier, however someone has suggested this new variation.

There are two other alterations coming up for which there is not yet a specific application, Austerfield Golf Course and Yorkshire Wildlife Park. There are also housing developments which are ‘protected’, in that they will go ahead and any RoW will be amended into the planning. The application at Hangman’s Road for a Biomass project was objected to at the last moment by me, although we were not officially informed.

Since February 08 2017 the Planning Office of DMBC has sent me most of the planning applications. Some are of no interest to us, some – and one which was significant – are not sent. There is no way of knowing which are not sent, only if I am contacted by ‘one of us’ can I check and respond. This has made things more complicated in that every one sent needs to be investigated to see if a RoW is involved.

I joined the newly constituted group to look at Footpath issues on 21 Feb 2011, this was renamed RoW committee at the March meeting.. After some discussion I agreed to lead this new group on August 15th 2011, until the AGM and was then confirmed in post at the AGM. I have decided to resign as RoW officer for Doncaster Ramblers. This will be 6 years after I officially started but in reality I started on 22nd Feb 2011 with having an meeting with JG and phoning other groups about procedures. This followed 3 years as chair of DR and before that 3 years as Walks leaflets organizer/distributer.

  1. Lost Ways Report – DG .

No progress, no time.

  1. Social Report

DN thanked HL and the leaders for making Helmsley such a success, and is now turning his attention to Christmas. BC asked for suggestions for the 2018 coach trip.

  1. AOB.

BC asked if TJ was struggling to fill Saturday slots.TM says he has some spare dates and TM will email the details to BC – there may be a possibility to repeat Tuesday’s walk on Saturday.

The meeting closed at 20:41.

Thursday, July 19, 2018