Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee Meeting 05/17

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of committee meeting held on 15th May 2017 at The Three Horse Shoes


Committee Members Present; David Gadd, David Horne, Owen Evans, Tony Marsh, Jim Elvidge and Martin Wyman.

Also attended; Peter Rowsell, David Nicholson, Peter Miller and Cynthia Elvidge.


  1. Apologies

Apologies received from Wendy Atkinson, Marion Thompson, Peter Gravestock , Kerry Forman, Dave Binnington, Bob Carlisle, Dennis Neal and Tony Liversidge.

DG started the meeting with the good news that Peter Rowsell had volunteered to be our Publicity Officer so this could be covered in the body of the meeting.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting 20th March.

Minutes confirmed as accurate TM/DG.

  1. Matters arising from those minutes.

Ref 5 Communication.TM had made contact with the man at Sheffield Newspapers responsible for the Free Press, and OE had submitted material concerning his James Paine walks. DG also had a contact name for the Free Press. PR thought we had missed an opportunity given that May was national walking month.

  1. Get Doncaster Walking.

TM thought we did not get new members by supporting GDW but is was good publicity. We have submitted four walks for the new Programme starting in June rather than our usual six because TM was reluctant to ask the same people every time to lead walks. MW said he had led a walk on Sunday which was attended by ten people, which was okay but a bit disappointing. DG added that he was always willing to lead one.

  1. Financial Report.

DH had met difficulties over the Mountain Warehouse advert because the named contact had left, but he has established a new contact so it should be okay. He is also in discussion with TM concerning the provision of tools for the Maintenance Groups.

We are not charging for our Programmes at the Tourist Information Office and they have been going well. MW asked why the Nur Indian Restaurant had paid £80 rather than £100 for their full page advert, this was because they had only paid £40 for their half page advert as a long standing customer. OE thought we should try to get all advertisers to pay the new rate in the next Programme.

  1. Walks Programme Update.

DG said this item was not just about the Programme itself but also about the walks we put on in general.

OE said that perhaps we needed a Questionnaire for walkers, numbers on his shorter Thursday walks were fairly low. TM suggested that the shorter walk should be on the Tuesday, with the strenuous walk moved to the Thursday.

MW thought that because the Thursday walks were set up to cater for members not doing the strenuous walk we were missing an opportunity to try and attract new members, ideally accompanied by publicity. DN added that he had been criticised for going too fast, it was a difficult balance, perhaps there should be an A and B walk on a Saturday. PM asked where such walks would be advertised, which can be looked at by PR.

The Tuesday walks attract around 40 walkers and many more would be difficult to manage, parking can also be a problem. DN suggested that Saturday would be a better day for attracting new members as families could come along and parking is not such a problem.

DG suggested that we ask BC/DB on Tuesdays and Trevor Jenkins on Saturdays if they could consider adding a shorter walk occasionally to the standard walk, starting in the same place. Perhaps better on Saturday for getting new members in.

TM was also concerned about retention, as members aged and could no longer manage the standard walks. OE suggested a survey, to be handed out on walks.

Given that some of the suggestions would require more leaders, PM suggested we provide pre-planned walks for new leaders to get them started; OE added that going on a pre-walk with an experienced leader was a good way to learn. DG asked PR (who had not led a walk) what he would like to help him get started, PR thought developing a new walk with the assistance of an experienced leader would be best.

  1. Rights of Way Report - WA.

Paths walked to date – 90 out of 589.

There are three outstanding planning issues:

  • Fenwick 5. Network Rail consultation re diversion of path and closure of crossing. The alternative route is acceptable, Ramblers have not objected.
  • High Melton 1. Proposal to build a biofertiliser lagoon. WA has submitted our objections. DMBC have also submitted concerns.
  • Adwick 6. Planning permission granted for 343 residential units on either side of the right of way. There is a clause to say the RoW will be accommodated.
  • There have been two maintenance sessions since the last meeting, both at Sykehouse:
  • TPT clearance and fence building – 14 volunteers on site.
  • New kissing gate erected and improvement to stile at Old George pub.
  • Two additional kissing gates repaired on Wrancarr Lane (Moss footpaths).In addition, TM may try to have a session every three weeks during the better weather.8. Lost Ways Report – DG .
  • TM added there was quite a long list of outstanding jobs, all of them scattered around and often difficult locations. Stuart Horrocks (DMBC) and TM trying to address this.

DG has exchanged emails with Stuart Horrocks concerning the inclusion of potential lost ways on the DMBC maps.

  1. Social Report

DN not in attendance.

DG said we knew the coach trip was full.

Also Hilda Levine is organising Tuesday’s Xmas walk at Scholes.

  1. AOB.

- Hilda had asked whether we will require Finningley Village Hall for our AGM. DG will confirm.

- DN had received an email from CO asking if he wanted to be a Local Organiser, a role that appears to be outside the Group structure. MW thought this was an attempt to address the problem of moribund Groups, but, as DG said, we are far from moribund.

- DG reported that the Open Day for the visually impaired, to which we had declined to be present, had not been successful. However he had offered to speak to interested members about walking. 

- PR thinks there should be a set of objectives for the role of Publicity Officer. DG replied that this will be an item on the next Agenda.

The meeting closed at 20:57.

Thursday, July 19, 2018