Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee Meeting 03/17

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of committee meeting held on 20th March 2017 at The Three Horse Shoes

Committee Members Present; David Gadd, Wendy Atkinson, David Horne, Marion Thompson, Owen Evans, Tony Marsh, Bob Carlisle, Dennis Neal, and Martin Wyman.

Also attended ... Peter Rowsell.

1. Apologies

Apologies received from Peter Gravestock , Kerry Forman, Dave Binnington, Jim Elvidge and Tony Liversidge.

2. Minutes of previous meeting 16th January.

Minutes confirmed as accurate BC/DN.

3. Matters arising from those minutes.

Ref 3 Pathwatch. DG had emailed CO asking how we could use Pathwatch and received no reply. MW asked TM if the map he referred to was the Map of Successes, and TM agreed. This is not related to Pathwatch; there is an issue that Pathwatch gets the publicity and the Map of Successes gets forgotten. WA said Julie Guest had informed her that Pathwatch was not liked by local authorities. DG added that there was a view that Pathwatch had not been thought through properly e.g. asking for good views was irrelevant.

Ref 10.2. The member referred to had not brought his dog on walks again.

Ref 10.6. The Committee meal at the NUR Indian Restaurant had been enjoyed by all. We had originally intended to open this to all members but the restaurant is not big enough. We should consider inviting Carol Denman to any repeat visit as she enlisted them as advertisers. MW was asked to add an item to the website recommending that members give it a try.

4. Survey: Views on improving Support for Groups and Areas.

No-one at the meeting had completed the Survey. MW volunteered to complete the Survey on behalf of the Group; agreed.

5. Consultation on improving Communications.

DG said that communications within Ramblers were a concern and asked the Committee what they thought:

- Group to all members. We send out the Programme and Newsletter twice a year. Around 40% have supplied their email address, and DG has asked in the newsletter that members register. PR suggested a Facebook page; MW thought that our non-walking members are unlikely to be Facebook users. MW asked if we should try for better coverage in the Free Press, and TM agreed to try to establish a contact with the paper. OE suggested using local magazines, and will investigate.

- Area to/from Group. Area have been considering an Area newsletter (not to be confused with the existing newsletter which is essentially an AGM report). The South East Walker is an example. This is distributed with Walk Magazine but this causes logistical problems. An e-Newsletter has been suggested, with on-line members printing copies. All SYNED Group walks are now on the SYNED website, which has encouraged members to join other Groups’ walks.

DG said there was a general move back to printed material, in particular for special events such as Spirit of Kinder Day. OE was asked to approach the Free Press concerning publicity for his James Paine walks.

- Central Office to/from Group. WA said she missed having a named contact at CO, but accepted that those days were unlikely to return. Requests now go via Zendesk. MW added there was no publicity as far as he was aware for options such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CO are also introducing Forums as requested at General Council, initially for a limited membership.

6. Walks Programme Update.

OE said the programme had been sent to the printers on 6th March and should be delivered soon. We have a new advertiser Mountain Warehouse.

DG asked if there had been any problems producing the Programme, and OE and BC modestly replied that it had been straightforward. DG felt they were downplaying the amount of work involved; it is an ever improving document and congratulations are due to all involved.

We should continue to emphasise that any potential new leaders will be fully supported.

7. Rights of Way Report - WA.

Footpath walking and reporting has started with a whole square being finished already.

Network Rail has made an application to extinguish Fenwick 7, on the grounds that the path is not needed for public use.  They have not made it on safety grounds and have admitted that the crossing is not unsafe.  

If the application is successful the public will have lost a public footpath but not gained anything in return.  A suggestion was made that Network Rail could make some improvements on footpath number 6 at the west side of the railway, however, this is a wide headland path with no stiles, etc , so it is difficult to see what could be done, plus it is in a different land ownership to Fenwick 7. A census will be carried out by Network Rail to determine usage of the path.

We had applied to Ramblers headquarters for a grant of £400 to buy small power tools to help and speed up the work of the maintenance group, and heard that we have been granted it. TM has prepared a list of tools which would make a big difference, so they will be bought soon, since the money has now arrived with DH.

There has been two maintenance sessions since the last report. The one planned for February 15th was postponed for two weeks since Stuart, DMBC, had a problem with his hand.  The session was rearranged for 1st March, and was to repair a bridge at Tickhill next to Styrrup Golf Course, it involved a stile removal and several posts replaced. The second was on 15th March to complete the repairs to the bridge at Tickhill.

The next session will be at Sykehouse to erect a new kissing gate, stile repairs and post replacements

8. Lost Ways Report – DG .

DG has approached Stuart Horrocks to discuss the inclusion of potential lost ways on the DMBC Walking map. He has also made contact with a member of the British Horse Society who is active in the Hatfield area.

9. Social Report - DN.

DN has provisionally booked the George at Sykehouse for a Xmas lunch, but the Crown at Barnburgh will also be considered.

BC has found out that there is a steam fair in Helmsley when we are there for our day out, which might be an option for the shorter walk. Hilda is back walking, DN will touch base concerning bookings.

DN said that no-one had volunteered a weekend away but he could arrange one at the Patterdale Hotel. He will sound people out on the Tuesday walk.

10. Financial Report

We are doing well. The Charities have been paid £100 each. DH will be invoicing our advertisers in the coming weeks.

11. AOB.

- OE asked how people felt about the new venue. The Committee agreed it was fine. MW said we were booked in for subsequent meetings and he would email the Wheatley Hotel to thank them for their support over the years. 

The meeting closed at 20:30.


Thursday, July 19, 2018