Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee Meeting 11/16

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of committee meeting held on 21st November 2016 at Wheatley Hotel


Committee Members Present; Wendy Atkinson, David Horne, Jim Elvidge, Tony Marsh, Bob Carlisle, Peter Gravestock, Dennis Neal, Tony Liversidge and Martin Wyman.

Also attended ...Cynthia Elvidge and Peter Rowsell.


1. Apologies

Apologies received from David Gadd, Kerry Forman, Dave Binnington, Marion Thompson and Owen Evans.

2. Minutes of previous meeting 19th September..

Minutes confirmed as accurate DN/WA.

3. Matters arising from those minutes.

Ref 10 AOB. WA referred to the attendance figures for the Wednesday evening walks. Please make sure that GDW and the Wednesday walks were carried forward for discussion in January. JE indicated that he could no longer organise the Wednesday walks.

4. 2016 AGM.

Minutes agreed as accurate: DH/PG

Matters arising: none

Review of AGM and thoughts for 2017. DH thought the part meeting/ part social format worked well. The Committee thanked Hilda Levine for the venue, the delicious food, and for arranging stand in entertainment at the last moment. It was suggested we present Hilda with some flowers in appreciation. DH agreed to supply the funds, DN will organise.

It was agreed that we should do the same in 2017 if Hilda was willing.

5. Raffle money donations.

It was agreed that Edale Mountain Rescue and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance should remain as our chosen charities. However, TM and BC thought we should not preclude other possibilities. BC suggested it should be an Agenda item at the AGM for the AGM to agree.

6. Website

MW summarised the changes to the website to give more prominence to the work of our Volunteers. The Committee fully supported these changes. The website was good, but would benefit from more contributions, for example a Saturday walk review and more photos. It was requested that DG run a little workshop on Flickr to encourage photo contributions. Also PR thought many would be concerned their photos were not good enough. DH said he would consider submitting Saturday walk reviews.

MW requested volunteers to be trained as website editors. PG and TM volunteered.

7. Finance – DH.

All adverts have been paid for, income received from the Walking Partnership, and Fina Print have been paid. We have paid £40 for the hire of the hall for the AGM, and OE has claimed expenses for Parish maps.

We will receive £360 from Area.

TM can provide more information on gates for a claim from the Area legacy bequest. WA proposed that the Committee support this and ask DG to apply. Agreed.

8. Rights of Way Report - WA.

At the AGM, just a month ago, a full report for the year was made, therefore this report will be brief.

The number of paths walked so far this year now stands at 494, so we have about 100 more to inspect and report on before the end of the year to achieve the same wonderful result as last year. Here’s hoping that we will again achieve 100% of all walkable paths not just inspected but also reported on – with many of the faults found rectified by our volunteers.

The last maintenance session has been postponed until November 30th because Stuart, our DMBC link for maintenance work, has been away on holiday. The next session will be in December as planned, but as always at this time of the year, this will depend on the weather. A report, with photos, of maintenance work has been sent to support the Central office’s latest initiative on path work. We will wait to see if it is published anywhere.

An email had been received from Julie Guest concerning a Network Rail proposal to close Fenwick 7, and WA circulated copies of the plans. WA will email the information to the Rights of Way committee and TL (the square walker). We should consider a site visit.

9. Lost Ways Report - MW.

DG has circulated an email concerning the benefits of involving the Local Access Forum (LAF) in Lost ways. Doncaster Ramblers has no representation of active members on the LAF but Peter Haines – our Rights of Way Officer until the AGM 2009 – is member and has been Chairman.

WA had expressed an interest in joining the LAF but had been rejected because there were sufficient members representing walkers. BC suggested that since PH is seen as representing Ramblers we should ask him to brief us at a Committee meeting. MW was not enthusiastic, but it is a good point given that PH is the incumbent.

Hilda Levine has made progress in her Claim to support a Finningley/Misson circular walk and had visited Angus Trundle, the Nottinghamshire RoW Officer responsible. She is pursuing a possible route and will attend a Misson parish meeting to obtain support.

DG has also progressed his Claim for a short lane in Tickhill.

10.   Social Report - DN.

The Tuesday Xmas walk/lunch at the Crown Inn Barnburgh has 42 people booked. The Saturday walk/lunch at the Earl Of Strafford has 21 people booked.

DN thought it would be good to have a joint do and he will give it some thought.

11. Meeting dates 2017

The following dates were agreed and requested from the Wheatley Hotel:

- Already in Programme:16th January, 20th March

- Proposed: 15th May, 17th July, 18th September, 13th November (to avoid SYNED clash)

12. AOB.

- DH has been talking to Trevor Jenkins who is already receiving offers of walks for the Summer programme and asks to know when the coach trip might be. We normally go early June but BC and PG said they would prefer later in June. Our original plan for June 31st was thwarted when DH pointed out that there were only 30 days in June. So July 1st was agreed on.

- TM informed us that he had managed to get 6 walks in the next GDW programme.

- Visitor PR asked to be involved in walking a square. There is not free square at present for this year but TL immediately requested help on his own square, and will involve PR.

The meeting closed at 20:35.

Thursday, July 19, 2018