Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee Meeting 07/16

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of committee meeting held on 18th July 2016 at Wheatley Hotel

Committee Members Present; Wendy Atkinson, David Gadd, Marion Thompson, Peter Gravestock, Kerry Forman, Dave Binnington, Bob Carlisle, Jim Elvidge, Owen Evans, Tony Liversidge, Tony Marsh, Dennis Neal and Martin Wyman. Also attended ...Cynthia Elvidge.

1. Apologies

Apologies received from David Horne .

2. Minutes of previous meeting 16th May.

Minutes confirmed as accurate TM/DN.

3. Matters arising from those minutes.


4. Correspondence.


5. Website Review.

Our new website has been live for a while now, DG asked if members were happy with it. Members responded very positively. DG added that he had received only one complaint - the photo on the home page had not changed. The Committee agreed it should be changed once per month.

6. Walks Programme October 2016 – March 2017.

OE said that the latest date for entering walks was 14th August, so the final Programme could be sent to the printers on 29th.

DB added that the Tuesday walks were complete, and Trevor Jenkins had only two dates to fill on Saturday, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, not a big worry.

PG said he would be unable to distribute the Programme due to holidays, but could prepare the envelopes and bundles. DG volunteered to manage the distribution.

OE had circulated the changed text at the back of the Programme agreed by the sub-group of TL/DB/OE. Only PG had responded, and the Committee agreed to his suggestions concerning reference to Ramblers Association versus Ramblers; PG will send his final version to OE. OW will decided between ‘rucksack’ and ‘rucsac’. DB had done extensive research on this subject and rejected ‘rucksac’ – it’s two ks or none.

OE asked about the addition of extra colour pages for the HF advert and photos of walkers. These are not cost justified without additional adverts. TM thought we did not need more photos of walkers, the Programme should remain as it is. OE was requested to find space for a black and white HF photo if possible.

7. Finance.

DH not in attendance. Any questions should be referred to him.

8. Rights of Way Report.

So far this year 193 paths have been walked and reported. The pattern is similar to last year in that people are starting to walk footpaths later in the year.

Paths diverted or modified since the last report include Rossington 15 on 10th May, and Tickhill 5 on June 2nd. On 16 May an order was issued for stopping up parts of the highway at Stainforth. The latest advice was on 15th June; an order to modify the bridleway Auckley 5 to allow for phase 2 of the FARRRS project is proposed. An interesting fact has emerged in respect of a request to close a path between Adwick School and it’s playing field. This is not on the Definitive map and is not a Right of Way. The old county borough of Doncaster was exempt from the definitive map mapping process, so there are anomalies in the old county borough area.

There is still have one opening for a Square Owner. It is 61NW, that is Sykehouse and Fenwick, if anyone knows of someone who might be interested please pass on the name to any of the four of us.

Since the last report, the maintenance volunteers have been out on two occasions. On Wednesday 8th June 8 volunteers fitted three new kissing gates in Thorpe in Balne, to solve the problem of farm gates which were very difficult to open. On Thursday 7th July 11 volunteers replaced a badly damaged stile in Thorpe in Balne, repaired or replaced three more stiles at Kirk Bramwith, and cleared steps and replaced a damaged handrail at Hatfield. The next session will be on Wednesday 3rd August, more details to follow.

MW added that he had talked to local people and generally supported the closure of the path at Adwick Primary School because of problems caused by the path. WA added that we had a duty of care to the school. MW asked the Committee to support this position. TL asked if the school was an Academy (a valid point because of the proposed transfer of Academies’ land and buildings from Local Authority to Government control). MW replied no (it is a Community School under Local Authority control). The Committee voted 7 to 1 in favour.

KF asked WA to forward him details of the Auckley 5 proposals.

Given that 11 volunteers had attended the session on 7th July, DG asked if we should try and get another article in the Free Press despite a recent failure. DG will draft with assistance from TM.

9. Lost Ways Report.

The Committee had a meeting on 13th June and discussed and considered alternative ways of recording lost ways, including doing it directly onto maps online. We agreed to meet on 11 July, but holidays caused us to postpone that meeting until 25th July.

Meanwhile Diane Scolari has expressed an interest in joining us.

We remain of the opinion that finding lost ways is the easy part of the process. Getting the evidence to make a claim is likely to be much more difficult. Having heard about a quarry company in Cadeby which reacted positively to a request to dedicate a path on their land, we are considering providing a local council with as much historical evidence of a lost way as possible - drafting a letter for them - and asking them to write to the landowner and request that he agrees to dedicate the footpath.

10.   Social Report.

The coach trip to Ilkley had been very successful and DN asked if Hilda Levine had been thanked. DG said that many people had contributed and thanks were due to all. DN will start planning the next day out.

The Crown at Barnburgh has been booked for the Tuesday 13th Xmas walk, and venues were being considered for Saturday 10th.

11.First Aid session.

Peter Smith had been very disappointed that only two people had attended his First Aid session on 20th June and said he would not run another. This was indeed a very poor turnout and the Committee expressed their apologies to Peter. Members pointed to the fact that it took place during a prime holiday period and that this was a mistake. It is very important that as many Ramblers as possible are trained in first aid. DB suggested that if we hold another session it must be on a booking a place basis to ensure sufficient attendance. The Committee expressed their hope that if such arrangements were put in place Peter might be persuaded to hold another session.

12. AOB.

- TL said he had reported some rubbish in a rural area to DMBC and they had been unable to progress this using a grid reference, insisting on a post code that was not relevant. Not good, but MW pointed out that such incidents could be reported using the My Doncaster app on a smart phone, or using the Council website to point to a position on a map. DB added that the FixMyStreet website could also be used to report problems to DMBC (I have tried this and it is very easy to use).

- TM referred to the Wednesday evening walks arranged by Jim Elvidge, a lot of effort had been put in but not many people attended. Also the Get Doncaster Walking attendance was poor, perhaps because lots of other groups had sprung up. DG will email Dean Wiffen to see if GDW is continuing; it it is we should support it as it we get town wide publicity from it.

- OE asked if the 112 work done by TM could be included in the newsletter.

- DB praised the contacts card produced by TM but suggested a few changes if there were to be a re-print.

The meeting closed at 20:17.

Thursday, July 19, 2018