Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee Meeting 05/16

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of committee meeting held on 16th May 2016 at Wheatley Hotel

Committee Members Present; David Horne, Bob Carlisle, Jim Elvidge,  Owen Evans, Tony Liversidge, Tony Marsh, Dennis Neal and Martin Wyman. Also attended ...Cynthia Elvidge.

1. Apologies

Apologies received from Wendy Atkinson, David Gadd, Marion Thompson, Peter Gravestock, Kerry Foreman and Dave Binnington.

2. Minutes of previous meeting 21st March January.

Minutes confirmed as accurate TM/OE.

3. Matters arising from those minutes.

Ref 6 First Aid. TM said he had produced 100 credit card size cards to enter name and emergency contact details and distributed some copies to members. On the inside there is a section on dealing with emergencies, in particular calling 112. Note that in order to send texts to 112 you must be pre-registered. He had not ordered any plastic jackets as he thought these were unnecessary.

4. Correspondence.


5. Walk About – September Walking Festival.                     

MW informed members that Ramblers were running a ‘festival’ in September called Walk About. Any walk entered on the Ramblers Walk Finder – and all ours are – will be automatically included in the publicity campaign for the festival.

TL asked how Get Doncaster Walking was progressing. We have four walks in the June to December Programme.

6. Volunteer Recognition.

DG had indicated that there was another opportunity to apply for Volunteer recognition awards. TM said that lots of people were involved, ours was essentially a team effort, and he thought that recognition of a single individual was inappropriate. The Committee agreed and voted unanimously not to apply.

7. Finance.

DH said that revenue from adverts and Walk Programmes had been received. The coach company for the day trip wants a cheque on the day which is unusual; DH will action.

We have received a cheque from Area for more than £300 for general use.

8. Rights of Way Report.

MW said that we had started walking the footpaths, 85 reported to date. Several new square walkers had joined over the last several months – Martin Vincent, Gavin Barnes (HF), Norman Lewis, Dianne Scolari and Tony Foster – to replace members who had left.

However, 61NE was still available. TM replied that this was in hand and he thought he had a solution. Dianne Scolari who lives in Rossington has said she will report 69NW as well as 59SW, which leaves Bob Carlisle and Dave Binnington free to assist Norman Lewis in Conisbrough, which is a complex square.

TM reported on Maintenance. The February and early /March maintenance sessions were cancelled due to ferocious weather. On March 30th 6 people plus Stuart were out in Thorpe in Balne with 2 stiles and a gate replaced. A fourth job on a stile had to be abandoned – it was under 9 inches of water. On April 6th 5 people in two teams plus Stuart installed new waymarks in Cantley and Loversall and new steps in Tickhill. May 4th was cancelled as Stuart had torn ligaments and Tony had  had a hernia operation (pretty good excuses I would say). The next session is planned for June 8th, there is a lot to do.

9. Lost Ways Report.

OE reported that the workshop in Manchester had been very good. There is expected to be another session in York and he recommends anyone who is interested to attend. It is quite a daunting task but very worthwhile. The emphasis is on submitting Claims, with a particular focus on linking other paths. OE added that Hilda Levine had made contact with groups in Misson in pursuit of her attempts to create a viable Finningley/Misson circular walk.

TM mentioned that there was something on the Ramblers website to suggest that this issue was no longer being pursued, MW to investigate.

10.   Social Report.

DN had been informed by HL that monies had been collected for the coach and it was full.

BC said that the longer walk was fine, but the middle walk needed tweaking because of a very steep climb at the start. There will also be a stroll of around 4 miles organised by TM.

It is planned to leave Ilkley at around 6pm.    

11. AOB.

- JE informed the Committee that long term member Malcolm Woodcock had died, and gave times and dates of services.

The meeting closed at 20:02.

Thursday, July 19, 2018