Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee Meeting 03/16

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of committee meeting held on 21st March 2016 at Wheatley Hotel

Committee Members Present; David Gadd, David Horne, Wendy Atkinson, Kerry Foreman, Bob Carlisle, Peter Gravestock, Jim Elvidge,  Owen Evans, Tony Liversidge, Tony Marsh, and Martin Wyman. Also attended ...Cynthia Elvidge.

1. Apologies

Apologies received from Dave Binnington.

2. Minutes of previous meeting 18th January.

Minutes confirmed as accurate DG/WA.

3. Matters arising from those minutes.

Ref 9 RoW Report. MW asked DG if he had progressed the availability of awards. DG replied that we had missed the deadline of 16th February, but offered to distribute the details of available awards with the minutes for future reference. The Committee were not interested.

4. Correspondence.

DH had received letter from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Edale Mountain Rescue thanking Doncaster Group for our contributions.

5. Raffle Money donations.              

DH had received further emails concerning the charities that should benefit. DG reiterated that this was a Committee decision after listening to input. It was suggested we should have a membership vote, but this was rejected as there are so many charities. TM added that members have a right to say what they think. DG agreed, but the Committee discuss and make the decision. MW to put on the agenda for the September meeting so that members knew what charities would be supported by the Christmas raffles. DH will reply to the senders of the email.

6. First Aid.

DG had purchased 60 foil blankets. TM had obtained 80 laminated leaflets comprising a Walk Leader’s Checklist and Treating injuries. It was agreed that these should be distributed to leaders. TM had also produced a credit card sized card to enter name and contact details, and researched small plastic jackets to carry it. The Committee requested TM to produce/order 80 of each.

7. Finance.

DH said there had only been three transactions since the last meeting, but he was due to invoice advertisers.

8. Rights of Way Report - WA.

The Rights of Way team met earlier this month to talk about the current problems and the changing personnel. Several people decided that, for varying reasons, they could no longer commit to checking the paths in their square, so we have asked some other members to take on a square, and that process is not yet finalized.  If anyone here could help, or knows of anyone else who might be able to, please let me or any of the team know.   

We are also addressing the issue of a few squares having many more paths than can easily be walked, so we are trying to share out some extra paths. Not as easy as it sounds.  Now that better weather has arrived we hope that the dedicated walking will start soon, with the reporting as satisfactory, or the identification of problems to be addressed.

There have been no maintenance sessions since the last report, due to bad weather in February and March. Hopefully the weather will be fine for Wednesday 30th March when the delayed work in Thorpe in Balne will be tackled.

I have received a paper copy of the plans for the proposed Rossington Golf Course, which have now gone to the planning committee. All original RoW are maintained, some slightly moved to allow for development, some paths upgraded to allow for wheelchair access and a new path added at the south of the site.

DMBC are preparing a new Local Plan, to include Homes and Settlements, and Sustainablilty Appraisal of Doncaster’s Growth Options. The Rights of Way team sent in responses to two draft Rights of Way Improvement Plans, which were input to the draft Local Development Plan, and will try to respond on this occasion when we can understand all of the evidence documents. Also anyone can respond to this Plan as an individual.  The closing date for consultation is 18th April.

The next PROW meeting is on 31st March

BC asked what areas are looking for new square walkers. WA replied that we had asked several people and if they could not do it she would get back. TM provided more details on the members approached.

9. Lost Ways Report - DG.

The Lost Ways committee has met four times since we were established. Normally we meet in Owen’s house, with tea and coffee provided by our host and cakes supplied by Hilda.

We had a long discussion a how about to proceed, and agreed to seek a meeting with Julie Guest, head of the DMBC’s Rights of Way Department. She explained that their Claims Log was merely a log of RoW about which some interest had been shown, rather than a log of claims. She also said that there was no possibility of the RoW Dept having any time to spend on lost ways but would assist as. At our following meeting we considered several strategies before agreeing to concentrate on one parish and use that as a pilot. Tickhill was the parish chosen and a meeting at Doncaster Archives was arranged. DG agreed to maintain a log of his actions.

To establish the lost ways of Tickhill the 1903 OS map was studied and several old routes were listed. DG then contacted two local historians, who gave interesting background information and suggested a few other routes. The ‘bible’ for how to proceed is Rights of Way: Restoring the Record by Sarah Bucks and Phil Wadey and it was agreed to buy a copy for each member of the committee. Accordingly, DG started a Tickhill Summary Log, which consists of 10 lost ways (plus a non-lost way route that needs to be claimed).

At Doncaster Archives we looked at various documents, starting with the 1845 Tithe map. Photographs were taken of old tracks and lanes on the map, with more being added from a Land Drainage map of 1931. A 1903 document regarding a railway line which cuts through one lost way was unhelpful. The relevant photos were then added to the Tickhill Summary Log.

Bucks and Wadey have developed a scoring system to evaluate the strength of evidence and suggests that old map evidence is worth two points, with direct evidence about an old route being worth considerably more. They suggest that seven points are needed to make an application for a Definitive Map Modification Order.

Further research on Tickhill needs to be done at the West Riding Archives in Wakefield and possibly the National Archives at Kew. While no expenses were incurred at the Doncaster Archives, further research may incur costs.

In addition to the progress outlined above, HL did some research on a long-standing issue in the Misson area and John Harker, who made the formal application in December, 2013, has been contacted to ask about progress. In addition MW did some research into the Brodsworth area and has established that the RoW Dept and the Brodsworth Estate have made an agreement regarding RoW on the estate which makes claiming additional RoW impossible, should that be desirable.

10.   Social Report.

DN not in attendance. It was reported that HL has said she has sufficient bookings for the coach trip on June 11th to run.    

11. AOB.

- OE requested a vote of thanks for the considerable efforts of Dave Binnington, Bob Carlisle and Trevor Jenkins to recruit the leaders for the Summer Programme

- OE referred to correspondence concerning the contents of the Walk Programme apart from the walk descriptions. Various views had been expressed and a sub-group of DB/OE/TL was established to finalise the content. PG asked if the Programme was the right place for the guidance, OE replied that he thought it was, as the Programme was used by all walkers.

The meeting closed at 20.30pm


Thursday, July 19, 2018