Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee Meeting 01/16

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of committee meeting held on 18th January 2016 at Wheatley Hotel


Committee Members Present; David Gadd, David Horne, Marion Thompson, Wendy Atkinson, Kerry Foreman, Dennis Neal, Jim Elvidge, Owen Evans, Tony Liversidge, Tony Marsh, Dave Binnington, and Martin Wyman. Also attended ...Cynthia Elvidge, Peter Smith and Gareth Kade.


1. Apologies

Apologies received from Peter Gravestock, and Bob Carlisle.

2. Minutes of previous meeting 2nd December.

Minutes confirmed as accurate TL/WA.

3. Matters arising from those minutes.

WA proposed a vote of thanks for the organisers of the Xmas walks/dinners. Both were excellent.

4. Correspondence.

DG has received a missive from Central Office offering awards for members making outstanding contributions. MW to put on the Agenda for the next meeting.

5. CAMRA Pub walks book promotion.                  

MW had circulated an email from CAMRA suggesting a joint promotion of their new book ‘Pub Walks in Yorkshire’. The Committee asked MW to follow this up.

6. 2016 AGM.

DG said that if we want to hold the 2016 AGM at Finningley we needed to book now. The 2015 AGM was a great success and the Committee asked DG to confirm arrangements for 2016 with Hilda Levine.

It was thought that we needed a change from the magician (excellent though he was) and the Gastric Band musical ensemble was suggested. DB said he would check to see if they were available.

7. First Aid.

OE had asked for this Agenda item, and DG asked him what he thought should happen. OE said we needed to look at the Guidelines in the Programme and make sure they were fit for purpose.

OE had obtained details of problems encountered by another Group suggested loss of signal was a problem in an emergency. DG replied a signal could usually be obtained given the variety of mobiles available, and added that he used a variety of equipment - bivvy bags, insulation blankets and silver foil – depending on the seriousness of the walk. OE asked if the Group should buy these.

MW’s suggestion that we investigate the use of an Emergency Beacon was not supported, difficult to hand on and TM thought it was overkill. However, an insulation blanket should be carried.

In general, every member should carry a first aid kit (DG will put an article in the newsletter) and walkers on moors and exposed locations should carry silver foil or an insulation blanket.

DB added that since we walk in groups there will be a variety of maps, Sat Navs, first aid kit and clothing available, but thought we could buy some insulation blankets to be given to all leaders for one year.

In addition, walkers should carry contact details. 2/3 years ago the Group issued all members with a laminate sheet containing first aid advice with a space for contact details and TM said he was prepared to reissue this. A number of 70-80 was suggested as they do not deteriorate. GK related an incident concerning the death of a walker when the police attending advised strongly against contacting next of kin, so discretion must be used,

OE asked if we should provide further first aid instruction. PS said he was willing to do his course again, PS and DG to agree a date to go in the next newsletter.

8. Finance.

DH referred to the figures, our bank balance is very healthy. We made £182 on the Xmas raffles and DH had received a request that we contribute to the Cumbria Flood Relief. DG proposed that as a walking group we should give to charities that support walkers. Carried by majority vote, monies to be divided between Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Edale Mountain Rescue.

9. Rights of Way Report.

WA said we were very pleased to report in early December, that for the first time we had achieved 100% of all walkable paths being walked and reported, what a high note to end the year.

This was achieved by all current square walkers with a lot of extra help from a few members who went out of their way to achieve this. It was late in the year so the conditions were not easy but with determination from walkers, recorders and the RoW department at DMBC we made it.

Since the last Ramblers meeting in November there have been three volunteer maintenance sessions.

November 18th - six volunteers at Moss and Thorpe in Balne, new posts and handrails erected across bridges on two sites.

December 9th - two volunteers at Sykehouse, two stiles repaired (beautifully by craftsmen).

January 13th - eight volunteers on various locations around Sprotborough and High Melton. three stiles repaired, several new posts erected and two others straightened, numerous waymarks and caps replaced.

The next planned maintenance work has been changed from Febuary 10th to Feb 17th, since Stuart Horrocks is unavailable on the original date.

Suggestions for alteration to the work of this group were noted, however the remit for this committee was agreed at the November meeting in 2012, and any change to the terms would need to be discussed and agreed by the committee and then taken to the Ramblers committee.

WA then presented a FARRRS update and commented on the proposed diversion of Satinforth 11 to allow for a housing development. The builder has not yet applied for an Order so no objections can be raised. There is also a question mark concerning the path by the canal which is not a RoW, but we may be able to claim. Keith Staines, the square walker who lives locally, has been involved. OE added that this is the first of a series of developments planned and we need to look at the local paths as a whole.

Concerning the 100% path completion, DG asked who did the most work; MW replied that Alan Elvidge, Tony Marsh and Wendy Atkinson had made the major contributions. TM said it was more important to concentrate on next year as we need more square walkers. DG gave thanks to MW, TM and WA, and will thank Alan.

OE raised the topic of ‘Lost Ways’. DG said this was a huge topic and we should wait a bit, but OE said there was an immediate opportunity to put an article in the Walks Programme and the newsletter.

DG though a sub-committee should be established, and DG,OE,MW and TL agreed to be involved.

It is important to make contact with other stakeholders, such as The British Horse Society and Parish Councils.

OE also asked about new paths on housing developments, WA to ask Julie Guest if she is involved in developments that do not have RoWs.

10.  Social Report.

DN is arranging a Coach trip to Ilkley/Ottley on 11th June. DB/BC are working out the routes and leaders and have planned that all walks end in Ottley where there are excellent fish and chip shops, and leave at around 6pm to arrive back at 7:30. There will be one pick up point by the Vue cinema.    

11. AOB.

- DH has been talking to Ramblers WH about an advert in the Programme, and Darren Fields from Head Office is willing to attend a walk and tell members about the benefits of RWH. Leaders to contact Darren if interested.

- DG said that only TM and BC had offered to help with teas and coffees at the Area AGM on Saturday 23rd. TL said he would help, and MT if she was able to attend.

- DB said he had two vacancies for the longer Tuesday walks. DN said he might be able to do one. When asked by OE about the Thursday walks, DG replied that he only had three leaders.

The meeting closed at 20.36pm

Thursday, July 19, 2018