Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee Meeting 12/15

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of committee meeting held on 2nd December 2015 at Wheatley Hotel


Committee Members Present; David Gadd, David Horne, Marion Thompson, Jim Elvidge, Peter Gravestock, Owen Evans, Tony Liversidge, Tony Marsh, Dave Binnington, Bob Carlisle and Martin Wyman.

Also attended ...Cynthia Elvidge.


1. Apologies

Apologies received from Wendy Atkinson, Kerry Foreman and Dennis Neal.

2. Shorter Walks Programme.

DG asked if we should ‘ally’ with Beryl Clarke’s Thursday walks as Thursdays has been suggested for the shorter walks. DG suggested that public transport could be used. MT said that if Beryl could find more leaders she would put on two walks a month.

PG thought the intention was to sound people out, to ask members what they wanted. DG said no, he wanted to offer something. DB said he had sounded the Tuesday walkers out. If more challenging walks were put on then 15/20 people wouldn’t be going that week, so would be interested in a shorter walk on Thursday. DB showed a plan where Tuesday’s challenging walks would be followed by a Thursday shorter walk. TM said that the people on the Thursday walks would be a subset of the Tuesday walks. ‘B’ walks and figure of eight walks had been suggested but were more complicated.

It was agreed that shorter walks would be put in the summer programme for the third Thursday of every month. They would start at 10am or 10:30, 6-8 miles long, pub/coffee stops at leader’s choice. DB asked that someone else coordinate the shorter walks. MW declined to be involved because he felt a structure had been imposed, DG replied that consensus had been reached. DG agreed to coordinate the shorter walks.

TM, TL and DG agreed to be leaders.

3. Health Walks.                  

MW summarised the package received from Ramblers concerning Health walks. Ramblers and Macmillan have taken over the management of Health walks and Macmillan have refocused these on walks of 90 minutes or less. This has left Health walks that have progressed to 3-5 miles in limbo, and Groups are encouraged to make contact with Health walks and run walks of 3-5 miles. DG said there was not a chance Doncaster Group would do 3-5 mile walks due to a lack of leaders.

4. Coach trips.

DB/BC had asked the Tuesday walkers, and Ilkley/Otley was favoured. DG said that it was very important not to have another cancellation, and Hilda Levine had agreed to encourage participation as only she can. A date will be set in early June.

5. Minutes of previous meeting 21st September.

Minutes confirmed as accurate DG/TL.

6. Matters arising from those minutes.


7. AGM minutes and review.

AGM Minutes correct.

DG was concerned that many people stayed in the back room while the AGM was taking place and only emerged when the food and entertainment were on. What can we do to encourage people to attend the AGM? Members felt little could be done and the evening had been a great success.

8. Correspondence.

- DG had received a Xmas card from Central Office thanking Doncaster Group for our efforts.

- DG had received the latest PNFS newsletter.

9. Finance.

DH went through the figures. Our bank balance had improved, with income from adverts and RH Walking Partnership. Funds look very healthy for the foreseeable future.

10. Rights of Way Report.

MW said that after heroic efforts by Alan Elvidge and Tony Marsh we had walked 560 paths out of 590.

At the November PROW Forum Julie Guest had been very complimentary about Ramblers volunteers, saying we had saved DMBC a lot of money. Margaret Marrison from the Tickhill Footpath Group added that they were very pleased with the work done in Tickhill.

OE said that square walkers should be encouraged to check permissive paths, and DG added that lost paths should also be investigated.

TM added that things were going very well with the Volunteers. However, we have lost some square walkers and more are required, please help if you can. DB/BC said they would ask Tuesday walkers.

MT asked if we had considered publicising our efforts, for example in Walk Magazine. TM replied that this had been resisted initially, but he is preparing an article for Walk Magazine. MW said he was attempting to enter the recent work on Thorpe in Balne 5 and Moss 21 as ‘Path Successes’ on the Ramblers website but was having problems.

There was a discussion on paths that ‘need not be walked’. WA had asked JG for a list, but JG had replied she was responsible for all Rights of Way.

PG added that there should be an article on square walking in the Group newsletter, and he could supply addresses of members in particular areas.

MT asked if walkers need be Ramblers members. MW replied no, one walker was an HF member.

11.   Social Report.

The Tuesday Xmas dinner is organised with around 40 people. TM said he had 25 people for the Saturday dinner with a changed venue to The Crown at Barnburgh.    

12. Area AGM.

The Area AGM is at the Methodist Hall in Tickhill, with two guest speakers. Please attend if you can. People are required to help with the tea and coffee. DG said his wife had agreed to be involved but she needs some help. TM said he would ask Doreen. MW asked if he had any role to play as Secretary, DG said no. MW said he might as well help with the tea and coffee then.    


13. AOB

- PG said the ‘Role of Area’ document that had been distributed viewed as 36 pages. DG said a 1-page document will be sent soon.

- MT asked if an email could be sent to Beryl Clarke concerning the shorter walks. MW to action.

- DG asked if there should be flyers for the coach trips and shorter walks in the Area Newsletter. DB agreed to do a flyer for the coach trips, MW will prepare one for the shorter walks.

- JE asked if people could submit Wednesday walks to him at the Xmas dinners.      

The meeting closed at 20.37pm

Thursday, July 19, 2018