Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee Meeting 07/15

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of committee meeting held on 20th July 2015 at Wheatley Hotel


Committee Members Present; Wendy Atkinson, Tony Marsh, Dennis Neal, Catherine Palmer, Jim Elvidge, Bob Carlisle, Dave Binnington, Peter Gravestock, Owen Evans, Kerry Foreman, Tony Liversidge. Also attended ... Norman Lewis, Kathrina Fairgrieve( Gordon's wife), Cynthia Elvidge.


1. Apologies

     Apologies received from David Gadd, Martin Wyman, David Horne.

2. Minutes of previous meeting 18/05/2015

     Minutes confirmed as accurate Dennis Neal/ Jim Elvidge.

3. Matters arising from those minutes

- Ref. Item 5 - Finance. Payment has been received from Area for the 'roundels'.

- Ref. Item 6 - RoW. Meeting between WA/TM & Julie Guest(DMBC RoW) postponed until later this year.

- Ref. Item 8 - Walks Programme. Distributor still needed for Balby area; TM will ask Dianne Scolari to

   assist with Rossington.

- Dennis Neal & Joe Stott kindly agreed to cover the two gaps in the programme.

- Dave Binnington has requested that walks in the Peak District for the next programme be in school

   holidays if at all possible. These have been clearly identified on the walks pro- forma.

- Ref. Item 9 - Membership & Publicity. Awaiting posters/literature from Central Office.

- Ref. Item 10 - Website. Work done on new website by MW & DG very favourably received. Many new

   features noted and welcomed.

- Ref. Item 12 - AOB. No developments to date regarding a replacement for the Membership Secretary.

4. Correspondence

   None, except for information on The Big Path Watch.

5. Finance

     Cheque received from Area for our 'Quarterly' amount. Bank balance healthy.

6. Rights of Way Report

     Footpath monitoring is well underway with 169 paths checked and reports submitted.

     Maintenance work has continued with the following undertaken since the last committee meeting :-

   May 21st -replacement and maintenance work on stiles, cutting back carried out and waymark posts

   erected at Owston ; June 24th - kissing gate replaced at Campsall ; July 29th - two further kissing gates to

     be erected at Moss to replace old stiles.


7.   Social Report

     Coach Trip - Extensive discussion about the cancelled coach trip to Settle with no conclusion other than

     the need to publicise this event well in advance. Location was thought to be important although no one

     place met with universal approval. Everyone appeared to have their own particular preference. Some

     thought Saturday was not a good day since it clashed with our normal walks programme. Dennis Neal to

     ask members to indicate their preference for either a Saturday or a Sunday outing in early June, 2016.

     Some believed it had outlived its usefulness.


     Christmas walks/lunches. DN anxious to begin making arrangements/bookings. If possible, we should

     try to keep the two lunches as far apart as possible. Tuesday's Christmas Lunch to be on December 8th -

     DN to arrange with Keith Staines but final venue still to be agreed; Saturday's Christmas Lunch to be on

     December 12th - Tony Marsh and Trevor Jenkins to arrange - venue will be local.

     DN to lead a walk around Great Longstone on the 19th February 2016, possibly with a 'Burns Night'

     flavour. More details later.




8. Walks Programme

     Walk Leaders - There are still a few 'unfilled' dates for both Tuesdays and Saturdays.

     Please contact Dave Binnington or Trevor Jenkins respectively if you are able to help with any of the

   following :-

                           Tuesdays .... Nov 3rd, Dec 22nd, Jan 12th, Feb 23rd.

                           Saturdays ....Feb 20th, Mar 5th and 12th, April 2nd and 9th.

     Deadlines. There were no amendments to Owen Evans' deadlines listed below.


     17th  August  -  Trevor Jenkins, Dave Binnington, Bob Carlisle and Beryl Clarke send OE the final

                               version of all the winter walks submitted by the walk leaders

     17th  August  -  Committee send OE details of any social events, meetings, notices etc that need to be

                               included in the Winter Walks programme

     24th August  -  OE sends the draft walks programme to the Committee for checking and approval

     31st August  -  OE sends the approved walks programme to the printer

     31st August  -  David Gadd & Tony Marsh send the newsletter to the printer

     14th September  -  Printer sends 300 copies of walks programme and 200 copies of Newsletter to Hilda

                                   Levine/Peter Gravestock for distribution to the members

     21st September  -  Members receive their copy of the Winter Walks Programme by post or by hand

     Owen asked if we should continue with our present advertisers - agreed. He will check with them that

   they wish to continue.

     The black and white Holiday Fellowship advert in the Walks Programme will be discontinued.

     Agreed to print 300 copies of the Walks Programme and 200 copies of the Newsletter.

   Hilda to be asked if she will continue to receive finished copies from the printer.

9. 'Racing' Ramblers

     Generally felt that our perceived image as a group of 'speedy' walkers is not an accurate one and that

     walks on the present programme are taken at a pace suitable for the majority of the group. However, it

     was agreed that on some walks in the past this perception was probably true, but the issue is now much

     less of a problem.

     More detailed information means that most members now know what to expect and leaders are

     more aware of the need to consider everyone on the walk.

     With regard to getting our message across to those who believe we are still a 'speedy' group, word of

     mouth was thought to be the best way forward, although walk descriptions and articles in the local press

     will also help.

     Some members queried where these comments originated.

     It was also pointed out that some of our group do prefer faster, longer and more strenuous walks - so we

   must watch the balance. Walk descriptions need to accurately reflect the nature of the walk.

     Walks which are noticeably longer than stated in the programme can create problems.


10. The Big Path Watch

     The overall feeling was that the BPW was more appropriate for the general public rather than for

     rambling groups. Aspects of the survey appeared similar to what our local 'Square Walkers' already

     cover - resulting in unnecessary duplication.

     The questions asked in the BPW survey attempted to cover too many aspects, some of which were

     thought to be of limited use.

     The difference in the size of the area covered was seen as a problem. Our squares in DMBC are 5km x

     5km, much smaller in the BPW scheme at 1km x 1km.

     Is it possible for the information obtained from our own checking system in DMBC to be transferred to  

     Ramblers Central Office to be included in the BPW survey? Can a recording and transfer system be

     devised to do this or is it impracticable? Is it what the BPW scheme intends?

     There was little or no enthusiasm for the BPW scheme in its present format.

11. Area Questionaire

       Discussed at some length. Further time needed to respond to all the questions.

12. AOB

       Details of a possible wind farm at Clayton have been received by DMBC. As yet, it has not reached the

       planning application stage. WA will monitor.

.     The meeting closed at 20.50pm

Thursday, July 19, 2018