Doncaster Ramblers

Minutes of Committee Meeting 05/15

Ramblers Association Doncaster Group

Minutes of committee meeting held on 18th May 2015 at Wheatley Hotel


Committee Members Present; David Gadd, David Horne, Tony Marsh, Jim Elvidge, Marion Thompson, Bob Carlisle. Peter Gravestock, Wendy Atkinson, Catherine Palmer, and Dennis Neal


1.         Apologies

Apologies received from Martin Wyman, Owen Evans, Kerry Foreman, and Dave Binnington.

2.         Minutes of previous meeting 16/03/15

Minutes confirmed as accurate DG/DH.

3          Matters arising from those minutes

For general interest, Jez Kenyon, who has been on a few of our walks, was recently elected to the Board of Trustees at General Council.

4.         Correspondence


5          Finance

DH said that any budget requests out of the ordinary for next year should be submitted to him.

The £50 due from HF has been received.

Money from Area for the roundels will be coming, thus increasing our balance to a healthier position.

The Unity Bank are re-organising some accounts and we may have different details.

6.         Rights of Way Report

WA said that she had recently emailed all square walkers regarding this year's footpath monitoring and she hoped that all past square walkers would continue. The maintenance teams had had a couple of sessions recently, with more arranged. Two extra volunteers had recently started, although more volunteers, either to monitor the footpaths or to assist with maintenance, are always welcome.   WA and TM will have their twice-yearly meeting with Julie Guest, head of the DMBC Rights of Way Department, next month.

7          Social Report

DN reported that the June coach trip to Settle had been cancelled due to lack of interest among our members. Walkers from other groups would probably have joined us, but this was felt to be inappropriate given our low take-up.

8          Walks Programme

PG said that we need Walks Programme distributors for Balby and for Rossington.

Walk leaders were being sought for two forthcoming walks.

DB has agreed to give priority to Tuesday walks in the Peak District in school holidays because of the decreased traffic at those times.

9.         Membership/publicity

The membership figures previously circulated showed that, as with most other groups, membership figures are more or less static. We had a general discussion about increasing membership without coming to any conclusion about publicity. An article and photo had been submitted for last week's Doncaster Free Press but it had not been published. However, such articles, when published, help the Group to maintain its local profile.

DG would investigate whether it was possible to get posters from Central Office.

10.       Website development

DG had registered with Ramblers-Net and started to develop the new website. MW had volunteered to join DG, much to the latter's relief. The dummy website, still in its early days, had been circulated to the committee. The impression was very favourable. A major advantage over the old site was that our walks are automatically uploaded from the Ramblers Walks Finder website onto our homepage. MW is doing most of the work. DG was currently struggling to upload Group photos onto the Flikr website, which is available from our website.

11        Venue for committee meetings.

OE had investigated a new venue should the current venue, which has recently changed hands, become unavailable. At the moment the Wheatley Hotel remains suitable.

12        AOB

JE said that, because of his wife's ill-health, he would not be walking on Wednesday evenings in future.

WA said that the website was excellent. It is possible to search for rights of way throughout the country. It can be used to find PROW Ids, and start and finish grid references.

WA also said that Keepmoat were being very pro-active regarding a housing development due to be built on the old Askern pit site.

CP said that she would not be seeking election for Membership Secretary at the next AGM.

Several of our Group had attended the recent Volunteer Training Day at the Race Course, organised by Central Office. There were mixed feelings about the quality of some of the sessions.

TM showed the laminated checklists available from Central Office, very similar to our own. DG would order some.

The meeting closed at 20.35.

Forthcoming meetings:

                        7.15pm, 20th July                     Committee meeting

                        7.15pm, 21st September          Committee meeting

                        2.00pm, 24th October              AGM, Finningley.


                        2.00pm, 24th January, 2016     Area AGM, Tickhill

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